Using TTP 223 Module

Introduction TTP 223 module is a popular capacitive touch-sensitive circuit, this module comes in an almost complete package i.e. IC TTP 223 and few other necessary components are mounted on a double-sided Printed circuit board, we just need to provide power supply and have to touch the capacitive touch area on the board and this … Read more

Motion Activated Alarm Circuit.

Components required:- PIR Motion Sensor Module Resistor100 ohm330 ohm TransistorBC 547 Buzzer (3v-12v) LED (5mm or 3mm) Power Supply / Battery.————————————————- About:- This is a simple motion-activated alarm circuit based around PIR Motion sensor module.This circuit will simply raise an alarm when motion is detected by the PIR sensor. Before trying to understand the working … Read more


Sugar Cube relay Pinout / Pin diagram Above is an image of PCB mount Sugar Cube Relay, this name i.e. sugar cube is due to its cuboidal shape. It feels cute and looks similar to a sugar cube, sometimes this relay is also known as 5 pin relay as it has 5 pins but it … Read more


This simple circuit will raise alarm when the water level in a tank goes below a certain level. In the above circuit diagram, we can see that two probes are placed inside the water tank. when water is touching these probes. or level of water is above these probes then the circuit will be in … Read more

Gas leakage Alarm using MQ_ Sensor [Diy].

LPG gas is highly inflammable in nature, leakage of such gas at Home, Industry or any other places can be extremely dangerous. This circuit based on MQ2 sensor can be used to detect and raise alarm on leakage of such inflammable gas. Components Required:- MQ2 Sensor Module Transistor:-2N39062N39042N2222 ICUM3561 Resistor:-120 ohm470 ohm1K10K220K Zener Diode3.1V LED … Read more